Certified Professional Dog Trainer, KatyK9, specializes in obedience training, problem behaviour modification, puppies and dog walking services.


KatyK9 offers in-person training in Oaxaca and informative, online consultations for Toronto clients with practical advice and positive protocols to address behavioural issues and achieve your training goals!
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KatyK9 modifies problem dog behaviour in a positive wayCertified Professional Dog Trainer KatyK9 uses positive reinforcement, clear communication and consistency as the foundation for successful training, where spirited engagement, confidence-building and focused technique will bring out the best in you and your dog! By working as a team, both dog and owner will strengthen their bond, understanding and respect with one another, while having a ton of fun!

Whether you’re socializing and conditioning your new puppy for the first time, looking for basic foundational training or to advance your skills, teaching your old dog new tricks, or looking for problem behaviour modification - KatyK9 is here to help!

KatyK9 ensures you are equipped to work as a team and have all of the information, support and skills necessary to carry you both forward. Your canine companion will quickly demonstrate a full understanding of commands in different settings under real-life distractions as you set the expectation for good behaviour every time. The result? A contented canine, a respectful relationship and a happy home!obedience training with KatyK9 at a local park

KatyK9 can successfully assist you with:

  • polite leash walking
  • bringing puppy home
  • basic, advanced and off-leash obedience training
  • behavioural modification for problem areas such as aggression, separation anxiety and other problem behaviours
  • introducing dog and baby
  • working with your shelter dog
  • socialization and conditioning
  • trick training
  • and more!