Certified Professional Dog Trainer, KatyK9, specializes in obedience training, problem behaviour modification, puppies and dog walking services.




KatyK9 was the best dog training I have experienced. I have had 5 family dogs and our little dog Henri was exhibiting problem behaviour. Katie understood that his aggressive behaviour was due to fear. She gave us the tools to subdue his fear and taught us how to train him properly. I would highly recommend her training to all pet owners.” ~ Monica & Henri


KatyK9GroupPuppyClass_Ciba“I would recommend Katy to all of my friends and family! She is phenomenal. I went into group training, nervous that my bulldog would be just so stubborn, distracted and not cooperate. But it was the exact opposite! She did so well and Katy has equipped us with the tools to get the basic training down with our puppy.” ~ Samantha & Ciba



Mickey_TorontoDogTrainingGroupClassesKatie has been a lifesaver from the get go-from the guidance on welcoming our pup home to getting through the ups and downs of “puppyhood”. I can’t imagine what it would have been like without her knowledge and guidance.” ~ Erin & Mickey




We highly recommend KatyK9 for dog training your puppy or adult dog. She is very knowledgeable and is able to adjust the training based on your dog’s response. She’s able to gain your dog’s trust, despite meeting them for the first time. It was a great experience, and the social training Ripley got, will benefit her for the rest of her life.” ~ Mark & Ripley


Katie helped us correct some early mistakes we had made with our puppy, which had caused her to become over-reactive on the leash. With gentle, firm and kind instruction and reinforcement from Katie, we have all become more relaxed and confident on our walks in our busy neighbourhood.”



PuppyTrainingTorontoKatyK9Leslieville“As first time dog owners, Katie, Jasmine and Kaitlin made us feel incredibly supported as we learned the ropes. Their care and attention provided us peace of mind when we would leave our little one at home during the day. Katie’s training had a significant impact on our approach to raising our pup, and the services overall have brought out the best in our social little one. Overall, these ladies go above and beyond and truly are a part of Steeler’s little pack/family.” ~ Meredith, Ryan & Steeler



Duncan_KatyK9DogTrainingClassesKatyK9 puppy school was affordable, personable, and professional. My pup loved it, and together we learned so much. Reggie is my second dog, and I wanted to avoid the mistakes I made with my first dog. Through the training courses and helpful handouts, I feel we’ve developed a solid foundation which we can build on in future.” ~ Amanda & Duncan





“Working with Katie has been a life changer for me and my dog Lily. Walking used to be INCREDIBLY stressful as she was so reactive towards strangers. Katie’s ability to see what was wrong and teach us (mainly me) the skills to help deal with those stressful situations has completely changed our day to day life.” ~ Emma & Lily



KatyK9_PuppyTraining_Harper“As a first time dog owner (and with a puppy at that!), I cannot say enough wonderful things about Katie. Harper and I went through puppy training with Katie, which put us on the right path. Katie brings both confidence and calmness to her interactions with the dogs. When Harper goes on her hour-long walk with Katie and her team — and it is a walk vs. just taking them to the dog park — I know she is in great hands. Through the first year with Harper, she was much more than a dog walker. She responded to all of my questions with patience. She gave me advice as to how to better manage my very high energy vizsla.  And when Harper, at four months, came in from playing outside after hours with a large gash near her front leg, Katie gave me some much-needed advice as to what to do. Without her, I would have made an unnecessary (and expensive) trip to the emergency vet.  Instead, she calmed my nerves, told me what to look for and how to manage the situation until the next morning when I could take her to my vet. And the icing on the cake – I see how Harper responds to her when we run into her on the street.  She gets SO excited and refuses to move until Katie is out of sight. Harper and I were truly lucky to have found Katie.” ~ Arielle & Harper


“KatyK9 provided the best dog training that I’ve ever had with a puppy, and Clancy is my third dog. You’d think I’d know what to do, but we ClancyPuppyTrainingKatyK9learned so much. Katy’s approach is a progressive series of successes, so it is encouraging for both the puppy and the owner. She has a wonderful warm manner and is a great coach. She shows you and gets puppy to have a few successes, watches you try it and provides excellent coaching so that you’re successful too. My puppy has a great foundation to continue to build upon and I’ve added many tools to guide her along the way. I would highly recommend KatyK9 for any services.” ~ Cheryl & Clancy


KatyK9DogTrainingFia“Katie is a fantastic dog trainer! She is very knowledgeable and really works with your dog’s individual needs. Katie is very flexible and is always reachable by e-mail. She provides prompt feedback after every session and always answers any additional questions you may have after hours. I’ve already recommended her to numerous people and will continue to do so. We were very satisfied with our experience with Katie.” ~ Lucy, Kurt & Fia


JunoPuppyTrainingKatyK9“Katie is very professional and knowledgeable for our little friends! She encourages all the right things and it shows in my puppy’s progress after finishing training.” ~ Liam & Juno



“We loved the personalized feedback and small group training environment with other puppies of the same age.” ~ Leigh, Scott & Emma

“KatyK9 and her team are excellent doggie people. Billy loves them all very much and is always tired when I get home from work. They are very respectful of our property and can be trusted 100%. Billy is a better dog for knowing KatyK9!” ~ Scotty, Sarah & Billy

“KatyK9 is an exceptional dog (and people) trainer. She is professional, knowledgeable and excellent with dogs. I highly recommend her for both training and every day dog walking.” ~ Renee & Shadow

JuneBug_KatyK9dogtrainer“KatyK9 provided a great service for my pack of dogs – I felt she gave lots of genuine love to my pups and knew they were 100% when they were with her.” ~ Sherry, June Bug, Chicken & Fonzie




ALICE_KatyK9dogtraining“Katie let me talk a lot, listened and was responsive to all of my questions; super calm, wonderful rapport with my pup; very, very knowledgeable and in constant communication via email. So helpful!” ~ Kristy & Alice




Mindy_KatyK9dogtrainingHaving a tiny puppy in a world seemingly filled with large dogs can be a daunting.experience. Training with KatyK9 made the experience positive and happy for both myself and the puppy.” ~ Pam & Mindy




Darwin puppy trainer KatyK9“Katie’s great. She was warm and friendly the very minute we met; my partner and I immediately knew that our 8-week-old Darwin was going to be well looked after while we were at work. Learning to raise a puppy was a bit of a learning curve and Katie’s support during the puppy visits and even after hours answering our many questions, was and will always be greatly appreciated. I’d highly recommend Katie to any dog owners.” ~ Charlene, Colin & Darwin



Dog training client Ruby was helped with behaviour medication to positively bond with her toddler brother“When we got Ruby as a puppy, we needed a village to care for her and KatyK9 was that village for us! From puppy visits, to training, to walks, to overnights, Katie quickly became a reliable resource for us in raising a healthy, well trained dog!” ~ Corinne and Ruby




Silas trained with KatyK9 and now has excellent recall!

“Silas was 7 months when we started training with Katie. I have had retrievers in the past from puppy stage and beyond and thought I could train him myself. In desperation, I turned to Katie because we had now had him for about 6 months and he was simply not listening to me. We started from the very beginning over two months during the summer. Within four lessons, I was already receiving comments from people on the street that he seemed like a different dog (most were not even aware that we had started obedience training). By about six lessons, I was able to take him to parks which were not fenced in, such as Monarch Park, with no issue. Katie gave me the tools I needed. She is an excellent trainer and I highly recommend her.” ~ Kareena and Silas


KatyK9 puppy training clients

“I have trained both my puppies with Katy’s support over the last 2 1/2 years. They have responded well individually to her training methods and we continue to use her tips as they get older. The sessions were fun and very interactive – Katy engages owners with their dogs in a fun and instructional way. Highly recommended!” ~ Sarah, Titus and Luka




Bob and Rupert did a fantastic job with private training lessons with KatyK9“This was the best experience ever since getting my dog. KatyK9′s experience and professionalism came came just at the right time in helping me get my very playful and strong-willed puppy under control and obedient. He was a good dog anyway, but now he is a good dog with a well-informed owner. It’s a winning combination. I highly recommend Katie’s services to anyone with a dog, no matter what its age.” ~ Bob and Rupert



KatyK9 helped Duke with intensive training “Katie is wonderful! What I mean by that is she is not only a gifted dog trainer, but also has the patience to teach people what they need to know. She has a great structured approach that is easy to learn and highly effective. I was really astounded by the differences in Duke in a very short amount of time. Thank you for actualizing the great dog that we knew was beneath all the unwanted, frustrating, and quirky behaviours.” ~ Derek and Duke


KatyK9 trained Scout“Training with Katy was amazing. The classes are well structured with a clear progression each time. She sends notes after each session and homework to reinforce what we did in class. She is really generous with her time and willing to answer questions. Overall it was a fantastic experience that I would recommend to anyone.” ~ Lisa and Scout



“KatyK9 helped us through what was a tough period with our 1 year old Golden Retriever. She showed us that with a bit of determination and perseverance we could in fact have a well trained and obedient puppy. The cost of the training was worth every penny (if not more), we were able to work on specific commands that fit our needs. Promptly after each session we received a detailed email outlining everything we had covered, as well as our next steps, so that we had a point of reference to assist us. Katie designed a curriculum that was specific to our dog that allowed us to be successful. Now that we have completed our classes, we see that it really is a team effort between owners and dogs. We are dedicated to continuing to train and do our homework daily, to quote KatieK9 “training is not an event, it is a lifestyle.” ~ Melanie, Mikey and Scotch


Lisa trained with KatyK9 to help Murphy on his way“My eight-month-old rescue puppy was uncontrollable on the leash and getting stronger by the day. We couldn’t walk down the street if there was another dog, children or strangers approaching. He would pull me until we reached them so he could say ‘Hi’. With only three lessons with Katie, I was able to walk him calmly, control him while others passed by and now I can do the same when he’s off-lead as well. I also learned how to keep him from straying off my yard all while having fun and getting some exercise too!” ~ Lisa and Murphy


Another happy KatyK9 client

“Katie has provided both daily walks and training for my dog. She is always professional and trustworthy. She takes the time to let me know of anything unusual with my dog. On several occasions her visit during the day actually circumvented a situation that could have ended with a very sick dog. Most importantly, it allows me to go to work without worrying about my dog – and best of all – my dog loves Katie.” ~ Phillip and Quim


“We couldn’t be happier with our and Jorge’s progress. Whenever Jorge receives a compliment on his great behaviour, we mention that we owe it to his amazing teacher, Katie! Thank you! Katie gave us confidence and understanding with our dog and, thus, improved our lives as well as our relationship with our dog!” ~ Danielle, Chris and Jorge


Happy dog walking clients of KatyK9“KatyK9 made my busy schedule a cinch to manage with their dedicated help. Walkers were always kind, professional and on time. Their authentic love for dogs and their well-being went miles beyond just exercise for my dogs. I know my dogs loved their walkers and were happier and healthier for having such great attention and care. The owner, Katie, is an especially awesome person and her love for my dogs and her attentive communication made me trust her instantly. Dogs of KatyK9 are very lucky!” ~ Jessica, Frankie Knuckles and Bruce Wayne


Happy dog walking clients Casey and Finnigan love going out with KatyK9“We are so lucky to have had KatyK9 with our pups over the past year – she is professional, friendly and so incredibly talented with pups. Our two dogs learned so much from her and will miss her tons!” ~ Nick, Casey and Finnigan


Barley worked with KatyK9 for behaviour modification“I would highly recommend KatyK9 to any dog owner. My pooch is a highly energetic dog, who had very poor social skills. Katie gave me the tools and the confidence to modify both of our behaviour. She has helped me to fully enjoy life with my dog. Thank you Katie!” ~ Caroline and Barley

Happy dog training client with KatyK9“KatyK9′s enthusiasm and professionalism is the perfect combination for making fast, progress-learning with our pup. We just completed our first level group dog training, it was amazing how much we learned over the course of a month. We will be back for the next level for sure. Thanks Katie!!” ~ Rachel, Michael and Sergeant Pepper



Seuss, an older Chihuahua, learned how to control is unwanted behaviour with modification lessons with KatyK9“My experience working with KatyK9 was a real success. During our first session she put me at ease and made me feel like I was completely capable of taking the lead and correcting the unwanted behaviours I was seeing in my 7-year-old Chihuahua mix. After every session she would send me a recap of what we had worked on and offer some more tips on what I could do to take the training to the next level. Working with KatyK9 was a real pleasure and I looking forward to continuing to train with her in the future.” ~ Elizabeth and Seuss


“Katie is incredibly knowledgeable, patient and supportive. We achieved a lot with our dog and were given all the tools to support our continued development.” ~ Steph

“I would recommend KatyK9 to anyone looking for a dog walker. They are very professional, and not only do a great job with your dog, but support the entire dog community.” ~ Jordan, Amanda and Winston

KatyK9's happy dog walking client“I would use KatyK9 again in a heartbeat. Very professional, organized and passionate about animals. She took great care of our Lulu. Thank you Katie!” ~ Kathy, Kevin, Annabelle and Lulu




“When my family first adopted our dog from the rescue centre, she was painfully shy and constantly had her tail between her legs when meeting any people or other dogs. Katie took us to the dog park and taught her how to be social by encouraging her independence and trust in others, including us. She is now happy-go-lucky with her tail standing high and proud! Katie is a natural and isn’t shy to offer advice or do what is best for the dog. She is a true professional in her training.” ~ The Moore Family