Certified Professional Dog Trainer, KatyK9, specializes in obedience training, problem behaviour modification, puppies and dog walking services.

Meet the Team


KatyK9 cuddles a puppyAt the age of five Katie’s adoration for dogs was born with her first dog, Muffin, a purebred Golden Retriever. Years later a Bernese Mountain-Blue Heeler cross named Bailey joined the family. Both were loyal, loving, lively companions who brought much joy to her life.

Katie’s love and respect for dogs continued to grow as she volunteered at animal shelters across the country – walking dogs, fundraising and educating others – at the Calgary Humane Society, Toronto Humane Society, Halifax SPCA and S.P.A. de Québec.

Katie made her passion for dogs official and earned her stripes as a professionally certified dog trainerKatyK9 studied at at PCTIA accredited course from Canada’s most intensive, hands-on, accredited professional dog trainers program, located in beautiful Victoria, BC: Ben Kersen and The Wonderdogs.

Katie has completed online courses in Animal Behaviour and Welfare at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland; Animal Behaviour (with Distinction) at the University of Melbourne, Australia; Dog Emotion and Cognition at Duke University, North Carolina, USA; and The Truth About Cats and Dogs at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Katie holds a Certificate in French from Université Laval in Québec City, Québec; a Bachelor of Applied Communications: Public Relations (with Honours) from Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; and a Bachelor of Arts: Sociology (with Honours) from St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada. Katie also moderated All Things Dog Behaviour, a helpful, online resource for dog owners, lovers, trainers, ethologists and behaviourists with over 8,000 members.KatyK9 is canine first aid certified

In addition to being a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Katie is also certified in DOGSAFE Canine First Aid and is licensed, bonded and insured.













Leslieville dog walkerKaitlin was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia surrounded by mountains, lakes and dogs! Her family dogs have included a pure-bred pit bull; a black lab/Newfie cross; and a pit bull/yellow lab cross. She has a soft spot for larger breeds and rescue dogs, but is comfortable around dogs of all shapes and sizes. Kaitlin doesn’t currently have a dog of her own, but she would like to foster a dog in the future — she volunteers with Adopt A Dog/ Save A Life, a non-profit that helps hard-to-place dogs (and occasionally cats) find their forever home.

Leslieville dog walkerKaitlin studied Literature and Art History at the University of Victoria before making the trek to Toronto. She has called East York home for the past five years. She loves the walkable neighbourhoods, great local restaurants and quiet, tree-lined streets.

Kaitlin has had a few different career paths since moving here, but has found the cubicle lifestyle doesn’t suit her personality. Getting to work outside with animals has been an amazing change of pace and she couldn’t be happier as part of the KatyK9 team! Kaitlin is licensed, bonded and insured and also certified in DOGSAFE Canine First Aid.

In her off hours Kaitlin can be found in a good book, sipping a glass of red wine, taking in a comedy show, or having brunch with her friends.



KatyK9DogWalkingLeslievilleRiversideTorontoIbrahim hails all the way from In Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in East Africa and came to Canada in 2023 to build his bright future here in Toronto! Back home, Ibrahim worked with his family business in trucking and grew up with his lovely family dogs, Simba and Queen, both German Shepherds. He absolutely adored them, took care of them and, of course, had lots of fun with them! He especially admired their sense of protection and security for his family and his home.KatyK9DogWalkingLeslievilleToronto

In his spare time, Ibrahim likes playing soccer and video games, swimming, and watching movies, soccer matches and racing sports. He was also a proud voluteer of the Zanzibar-Canadian Association, helping newcomers and refugees from East African countries learn how to connect with programs here in Toronto.

Ibrahim loves the joy that working with dogs brings to him and is very happy sharing his solid skills with the team, while bonding each day with the wonderful dogs in the KatyK9 Fur Family. Plus, he is a cat lover, too! He is licensed, bonded and insured, and also certified in DOGSAFE Canine First Aid.



KatyK9DogWalkerJasmineNormanJasmine has been an animal lover her whole life. She grew up with two cats and eventually came to have fish, hermit crabs and a beautiful B​asset H​ound named Sally. She has experience with many breeds of various sizes and temperaments, from large breeds like Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and Bull Dogs to smaller breeds like Shih Tzus, Jack Russel Terriers and Havanese. Jasmine also had the wonderful opportunity to be the primary caretaker for her cousin’s pit bull and its litter of eleven puppies. She engaged in stimulation exercises KatyK9DogWalkerJasmineNormanwith the newborns to rouse their new senses; played with them and gave them plenty of affection; cleaned up after them and ensured they all got to eat at feeding time; and assisted in their first car ride and vet visit. She also made sure to care for their mother with lots of love and attention.

Jasmine loves to get outside and be active; has a keen interest in the sciences, especially physics and astronomy; and likes reading fantasy novels, drawing and playing video games. She’s also interested in the circus arts and would like to get back into classes as soon as possible! Jasmine has a huge love of dogs and is thrilled to be part of the KatyK9 team, as a licensed, bonded and insured dog walker who is certified in DOGSAFE Canine First Aid.

Jasmine was born in Toronto and currently resides in East York with her awesome mother and their cool cat, Simba.